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Lightweight Construction Hoist, SCT90

Material Hoist, Passenger Hoist, Goods Lift, Construction Elevator, Construction Lift

SCT90 lightweight construction hoist adopts mast section with a triangular cross section. To make it convenient to be shipped in common containers, we have designed the total height of the cages to be 2.44m. Flap door design is acceptable for the gate of the lift cage, and the fence gate can be designed into horizontal sliding type. Among all of the elevators we provide, only single lift cage employs mast section with triangular cross section design.

SCT90 construction elevator is an ideal replacement for hoist scaffold and gantry elevator.

Technical Parameters of SCT90 Construction Hoist
Model SCT90
Rated load (each lift cage) kg/ number of passengers 900/12
Rated load capacity (kg) 900
Rated speed (m/min) 28
Rated lifting speed (m/min) 28
Max height (m) 100
Voltage /frequency 380 ~415V /50Hz; 440 ~460V /60Hz
Inner dimension of lift cage (L×W×H) (m) 2.0 ×1.3 ×2.14
Mast section dimension (L×W×H) (m) 0.45 ×0.45 ×1.508
Motors for each lift cage 1
Rated power (kw) 11
Starting current of each lift cage (A) 120
Rated current of each lift cage (A) 22
Power consumption of each lift cage (KVA) 13
Weight of lift cage (containing transmission part) (kg) 1050
Max weight of mast section (kg) 80
Power of frequency inverter (kw) --
Counter weight (kg) --