Material Hoist SC100H,SC100/100H

Vertical Access Equipment, Material Lifting Equipment, Construction Elevator, Industrial Hoist

This series material hoist is a specially designed one. Most of the material hoists are driven by steel wire rope winch. The safety device on cage are broken rope protectors, which are available in various types on market, but few can continuously work safely after several years' service. The requirements of consumers with strong safety demand ask for an urgency to set an R&P safety device on the material hoists.

BAODA has specially developed the rack & pinion type material hoist according to this need. Its driving structure incorporates safety device, mast section (650x650mm) and wall tie which can be interchangeable with normal passenger/material R&P hoist. There's a visual indicator in case that there's any person left in cages or the door for unloading materials is locked. The hoist will be in absolute safety under these assurance. The maximum lifting height is 100m. This material hoist is suitable for transport of materials in multi-layer and high-rise buildings. It takes less space and has complete safety and protection devices, and may set guidance for the development of future material hoists.

Technical Parameters of SC100H&SC100H/100 Material Hoist
Model Parameters SC100H
Each cage Rated load (㎏/person) 1000/14
Rated installation load (㎏) 1000
Rated load of installation crane (㎏) 150
Internal size of the cage L×W×H (m) 3.2X1.5X2.0
Maximum lifting height, tied mast (m) 95
Maximum lifting height, untied mast (m) 7
Rated lifting speed (m/min) 28
Power for each cage Supply voltage / frequency 380~460V/50~60Hz (three phase)
Power-drive unit (S3,25%),(kW) 14.5X1
Braking (N.m) 170×2
Control voltage / frequency 110V, 220V/50Hz, 60Hz ( or according to user's need)
Each cage Maximum starting current (A) 150
Minimum power supply (kVA) 20
Safety device Model SAJ30-1.0
Tripping speed (m/s) 0.75
Column center distance of mast (m) 0.65×0.65, height of 1.508
Weight of each counterweight (㎏)
Weight of each cage (㎏) (drive mechanism included) 980
Power of inverter (kW)
Height from the ground to the cage floor at the base level (m) 1.0