Construction Hoist, SC120/120

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The SC120/120 series construction hoist in Baoda is of no counter weight and its rated load is up to 1200kg. We have prepared 6 models for option: SC120/120V, SCD120V (with high-speed, stepless variable-frequency speed regulation, and double/single cage), SC120/120VA, SC120VA (with medium speed, stepless variable-frequency speed regulation, and double/single cage), SC120/120, and SC120 (with normal speed and single/double cage).

Driver room is optional for the lift cage upon clients' request.
All of the construction hoists of this series can be designed into inclined type upon clients' request with the parameters unchanged. For parameter details please refer to the inclined type elevator.

Shared Features of Construction Elevators with Stepless Speed Regulation
1. This type of construction hoist features stable running in the starting and braking process, thus the mechanical wear is largely reduced
2. With the starting current lower than the rated one, the elevator can start normally under insufficient energy supply
3. The hoist shows excellent performance in saving energy

Technical Parameters of SC120/120 Construction Hoist
Model SC120/120V SC120/120VA SC120/120
Rated load (each lift cage) kg/ number of passengers 1200/16
Rated load capacity (kg) 1000
Rated speed (m/min) 0~80 0~55 36
Rated lifting speed (m/min) 0~40 0~40 36
Max height (m) 350 250 150
Voltage/ frequency 380~415V/50Hz; 440~460V/60Hz
Inner dimension of lift cage (L×W×H) (m) 2.3~2.45 ×1.3 ×2.5
Mast section dimension (L×W×H) (m) 0.65 ×0.65 ×1.508
Motors for each lift cage 3 2 2
Rated power (kw) 18.5×3 18.5×2 11×2
Starting current of each lift cage (A) 0~120 0~80 240
Rated current of each lift cage (A) 120 80 44
Power consumption of each lift cage (KVA) 80 55 26
Weight of lift cage (containing transmission part) (kg) 2180 2030 1690
Max weight of mast section (kg) 208 187 170
Power of frequency inverter (kw) 75 45 -
Counter weight (kg) - - -