Construction Hoist, SC200/200N

Construction Elevator, Construction Lift, Builder Hoist, Tower Hoist, Building Construction Equipment, Material Hoist

The multi-purpose construction hoist developed by Baoda is highly efficient, safe, and rather economical, making it ideal for construction site. We have additionally equipped copper parts which are able to carry 0.7m3 of concrete on the bottom of the lift cage, and adopted reinforcement structure which can contain 600kg of 9m-reinforcement for the side of lift cage. Operators can use the suspenders to load or unload reinforcements.

Our construction hoists are available both in single cage and double cage. Upon request, we can add driver room additionally to the construction elevator.

Technical Parameters of SC200/200N Construction Hoist
Model SC200/200N
Rated load (each lift cage) kg/ number of passengers 2000/10 (without copper)
Rated load capacity (kg) 1000
Rated speed (m/min) 0~60
Rated lifting speed (m/min) 0~40
Max height (m) 105
Voltage/ frequency 380~415V/50Hz; 440~460V/60Hz
Inner dimension of lift cage (L×W×H) (m) 2.5 ×1.2 ×2.4
Mast section dimension (L×W×H) (m) 0.65 ×0.65 ×1.508
Motors for each lift cage 3
Rated power (kw) 18.5 ×3
Starting current of each lift cage (A) 0~120
Rated current of each lift cage (A) 120
Power consumption of each lift cage (KVA) 80
Weight of lift cage (containing transmission part) (kg)
Max weight of mast section (kg) 195
Power of frequency inverter (kw) 75
Counter weight (kg) --