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Inclined Mast Construction Hoist, SCQ Series

Industrial Lift, Material Lifting Equipment, Construction Equipment for Material Handling, Construction Elevator

Inclined mast construction hoist was firstly created in China by Baoda, and was rated as having reached international advanced level by the National Ministry of Construction, who also conferred us the National Science and Technology Progress Award and national patents. This series of construction elevator features no counterweight. According to different construction demands, its guide can be installed in an inclined manner (the angle between guide axis and plumb line is no more than 100 degree), with the lift cage keeping horizontal with ground. This construction hoist is especially suitable for the construction of irregular walls with narrow top and wide bottom. In the projects of some well-known bridges, like Humen Pearl River Bridge, Yangpu Bridge, and Sutong Yangtze River Bridge, this construction hoist has shown good applications.

Apart from the models listed, all of Baoda dual/single mast construction hoists whose rated load is lower than 2000kg and features no counterweight can be designed to inclined type, with the parameters unchanged. For parameters details please refer to product manual of other series.

Technical Parameters of SCQ Construction Hoist
Model SCQ200/200VA SCQ120/120V SCQ105/105
Rated load (each lift cage) kg/ number of passengers 2000/25 1200/16 1050/14
Rated load capacity (kg) 1000 1000 1000
Rated speed (m/min) 0~60 0~80 36
Rated lifting speed (m/min) 0~40 0~40 36
Max height (m) 250 350 150
Voltage/ frequency 380~415V/50Hz; 440~460V/60Hz
Inner dimension of lift cage (L×W×H) (m) 3.2×1.5×2.5 2.45×1.3×2.5 2.15×1.3×2.5
Mast section dimension (L×W×H) (m) 0.65×0.65(0.8×0.8)×1.508
Motors for each lift cage 3 3 2
Rated power (kw) 18.5×3 18.5×3 11×2
Starting current of each lift cage (A) 0~120 0~120 240
Rated current of each lift cage (A) 120 120 44
Power consumption of each lift cage (KVA) 80 80 26
Weight of lift cage (containing transmission part) (kg) 2360 2180 1715
Max weight of mast section (kg) 208 208 170
Power of frequency inverter (kw) 75 75 -
Counter weight (kg) - - -

* According to the European standards EN12159 and new Chinese standards, the area of lift cage should be no more than (0.2×3number of passengers) m2.