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Construction Hoist Spare Parts

Freight Lift, Freight Elevator, Vertical Lift, Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor, Vertical Material Lift

Guide wheel – an important and consumable part of transmission system of construction hoist

Counterweight wheel – a roller used for guaranteeing a solid connection between the lift cage and the racks of mast section

Braking unit for the vertical lift

Door roller – employed to control the close and open of the lift cage door

Overload sensor – included in the overload alarming system to send signals to monitor when there is an overload

Display panel for overload alarming – for setting values, showing loads, and alarming

Gear – a basic component of the pinion and rack system for controlling the rising and dropping of the material lift with the gear transmission set

Limit switch – used in different parts of lift cages for creating a linkage between all of the entrances and exits to ensure that, the doors are closed when the cage runs, and it can’t run when the door is open

Final limit switch – a core switch for controlling the power supply of the lift cage

Brake pad – a commonly-used consumable part for motor braking

Fall test device – a compulsory accessory for conducting hoist fall test, to see whether the anti-fall safety device works well

Cable trolley – a metal part for arranging cables

Motor – mainly produced by Baoda

Anti-fall safety device – the most important safety device on construction elevators; when the falling speed exceeds the rated one, it will lock the lift cage automatically

Jib for construction hoist – for hoisting and installing the mast section

Wall mount bracket – a core part for supporting mast section

Nylon coupling – a connector between motor and gearbox

Gearbox – a key part of construction hoist