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Wind Turbine Service Lift, SC25

Service Lift for Wind Turbine, Tower Elevator, Goods Elevator, Passenger Elevator, Construction Hoist

Baoda has developed the SC25 series wind turbine service lift which is an environmentally friendly product in our company. In 2014, the first generation of SC25 was applied in several wind turbine towers in Shanghai Donghai Bridge Offshore Wind Farm, and has received users' praise. Considering the unique demands of indoor electricity, Baoda soon launched the 2nd generation of service lift, whose stability and conformability is largely improved. In 2014, we displayed this equipment on the China International Industry Fair. Baoda will go further to improve the performance of our construction lifts, as well as to make them more user-friendly.

Features & Advantages
1. The rack and pinion transmission design of the hoist allows operators to install the hoist from the bottom of inner tower wall, along with the construction of wind turbine tower. In this way, the work intensity of workers is largely cut.
2. The adoption of variable frequency speed regulation allows for a stable starting and braking.
3. Shock absorption devices are employed for the transmission system to reduce the impact of vibration upon lift cage, making the cage runs more stably.
4. The construction elevator is equipped with limit switch safety protection device and progressive anti-fall safety device which is in line with the national compulsory standards.
5. We have cooperated with the department of Mechanical Engineering of Tongji University to build mechanical models for SC25 wind turbine service lift. During modeling, we have fully considered the upper tower acceleration caused from the rotation of fans, the resonance that may arise between the tower and lift, and many other factors.
6. Calling equipment is optional for operators at the tower bottom, in the lift cage, and at top of tower to communicate at any time.
7. We can equip the construction hoist with laser rangefinder so operators can know the height of the cage exactly.
8. Anti-corrosion methods and protection: the lift cage is made from stainless steel; electrical protection class: IP65; motor protection class: IP55.
9. Daily maintenance is convenient: users only need to apply lubricating oil regularly to the rack and pinion.

Emergency Escape Solutions:
a. In the lift cage, we set escape ladder and security windows. Operators can enter the turbine tower through the windows and use safety brakes to fasten the steel wire rope on the guide, and then climb to the ground along the guide (ladder).
b. The manual control device ensures that the lift is able to drop to the ground when there is a power failure.

SC25 is the only Chinese wind turbine service lift owing the following 5 certificates:
a. Manufacture License of Special Equipment issued by Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau
b. Special Equipment Type Test Certificate issued by National Building and Urban Construction Machinery Testing Center
c. CE certificate issued by Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
d. Patent from State Intellectual Property Office
e. Safety inspection certificates from the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine for each set of our hoists

Technical Parameters
Rated load capacity (kg) 525
Inner dimension of lift cage (L×W×H) (m) 1.0×0.75×2.1 (customizable)
Max height (m) 150
Rated lifting speed (m/min) 0 ~ 11
Voltage/ frequency 380 ~ 415V/50Hz
Operation method handles
Operation mode outer /inner cage
Cage open method folding doors
Location for cage door Up to users
Forced landing manual control in the cage
Power of transmission system (kw) 3
Braking torque (N · m) 30
Voltage/ frequency of the control circuit 220V/50Hz, 60Hz (customizable)
Fuse capacity of main power (A) 10
Power consumption (kVA) 4
Anti-fall safety device rated braking (kN) 12
speed (m/s) 0.55
Mast section center distance ×height (m) 0.55×1.508
Weight of mast section (kg) 45
Weight of lift cage (containing transmission part) (kg) 670