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Company Tour

Entrance of Baoda (No. 1050, Youyi Road, Baoshao District)

Our office building, assembly plant, and metalworking shop

Shown is the assembly plant, where all of the electrical and mechanical components produced in different workshops are assembled into finished lifting equipment. Safety inspection tests like drop test are also performed here.

Inner the assembly plant, the finished spare parts are placed in their individual stacking regions. Platforms for installing and testing elevators are arranged in both sides of the room. We conduct lifting performance test and safety test for the finished construction hoists on the testing platforms.

Most of our metal structures of material and passenger hoists are produced independently in Baoda, and most of the metal accessories and ladder cages are made in our metalworking workshop.

The newly-built paint plant is fully in line with the Shanghai environmental impact assessment standards.

Finished Baoda lift cages about to be transported

In the warehouse, all of the accessories are stored by category in a certain quantity for efficient supply.